Friday, June 26, 2015

Biblical Patriarchy Intro

I'd like to go back, first, to my experience with the UU church. UUs believe in the Beloved Community, and that by following the 7 Principles, by working to build a community that loves and respects each other, and treats people with dignity, we can create a bit of heaven here on Earth.

The family religion I grew up with had similar but different beliefs. As I understand my parents' teachings, they believed that "heaven on Earth" would come when everybody on this planet chose to live Biblically. (Exactly which Biblical lifestyle, was not necessarily as clear.)

My parents tried to teach us to live in the world, but not of the world.

With this series, I hope to raise awareness that Biblical Patriarchy includes a wide range of beliefs AND faith traditions

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Inclusive STEM Linkspam

Many of the posts I've seen on GeekFeminism lately have been what they call "Linkspam," a collection of links to articles and blogposts relevant to the Geek Feminism community. Since this is a late and quick post, and many things have happened since I last wrote, there will be many hashtags and links to longer discussions.

Last week in Nashville, Tennessee, there was an Inclusive Astronomy conference. I wasn't there, I followed it through the Twitter hashtag, #IA2015 . Here are some good blogposts about the topic:

In future posts, I want to revisit the concept of patriarchy, and particularly the Biblical Patriarchy movement. Because I was raised in one thread of the movement, it gives me a few insights into both the Duggar situation and possibly Rachel Dolezal (Kristin Rawls, @kristinrawls on Twitter, pointed out some similarities). I link to Love, Joy, Feminism on my sidebar, and would connect to specific posts in the series.

I've lived in the South for 15 years now. I ended up making a series of tweets about this earlier in the week, which I will probably turn into a blogpost at some point.

Key point? Check out #NotInOurNames and #NotInMyName. The South Carolina shooter made statements claiming that he was protecting white women. I repudiate that reasoning. The people in Bible Study were not harming me and did not deserve to die.

For the technical community, you should also read #NSBESpeaks to hear their stories.

I want to share some of the articles from Facebook about the Battle Flag:
Also, a meme that was created to address the sexism in Science hashtags. Dawn Bazely had a Storify to keep up with the hashtags, I'll try to link it later.