Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blog Rate.

I set the goals at the beginning of the year.  I wanted to write one fictional story (fanfiction) per week, of any length (most of them tend to be short scenes, ~500 - 1500 words), and I wanted to write two to three blog posts per week on a given topic.

I've fallen behind on both.  On the fiction side, I missed a couple of stories while travelling last month, and another 1-2 a couple of months back.  On the other hand, travelling gave me the time to map out a multi-chapter story, that may have brought my average back to 1 per week.  On the non-fiction, blog side, I'm usually posting at least once per week.  While this isn't as much as I had hoped, I'm beginning to think it's more realistic.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Story on Federal Student Loans

This is adapted from my entry to the President Obama Tumblr regarding Federal Student Loans.

My parents are both first-generation college graduates.  My mother’s older brothers and sister went to college, but my father was the first college graduate in his family.

I grew up knowing that I and my siblings were expected to go to college.  And knowing that we would have to figure out our own way to get there.  My parents raised four of us on an Air Force Captain’s salary.  In order to send us to Catholic schools, we grew up without cable television, eating out was a rare occasion, we rarely traveled, and much of our furniture was purchased from thrift stores.