Sunday, December 2, 2012

Touching base again

Classes seem to be going well so far.  It's been challenging, but I'm learning a lot.  I think I actually succeeded in finding a business school that's fairly supportive of my values!  I'm still rather impressed that that is even possible. 

My mother's MBA did not bring the career and financial stability she hoped for.  Then, when I went to the Purdue Leadershape camp, there were conversations with business majors, about business ethics and product recalls, that I found disturbing.  More on that another time.

My guys (husband and son) just finished a game of Castle Panic, and I'm waiting for my teammates to comment on my draft homework assignment, so I had a little bit of time.

I did want to mention, if anyone was following me for Glee reactions, I'm still active in the fan community.  I switched most of my Glee fandom-related Tweets to a dedicated fan account with an anonymous username.  That allows me to focus my by-name Twitter account on women-in-STEM, technology, and more conventional geeky topics.

It's also tied that Twitter to a Tumblr account for longer posts.  However, I am keeping those account anonymous in order to allow me to talk about some things I'd rather not tie back to my name.