Thursday, June 25, 2015

Inclusive STEM Linkspam

Many of the posts I've seen on GeekFeminism lately have been what they call "Linkspam," a collection of links to articles and blogposts relevant to the Geek Feminism community. Since this is a late and quick post, and many things have happened since I last wrote, there will be many hashtags and links to longer discussions.

Last week in Nashville, Tennessee, there was an Inclusive Astronomy conference. I wasn't there, I followed it through the Twitter hashtag, #IA2015 . Here are some good blogposts about the topic:

In future posts, I want to revisit the concept of patriarchy, and particularly the Biblical Patriarchy movement. Because I was raised in one thread of the movement, it gives me a few insights into both the Duggar situation and possibly Rachel Dolezal (Kristin Rawls, @kristinrawls on Twitter, pointed out some similarities). I link to Love, Joy, Feminism on my sidebar, and would connect to specific posts in the series.

I've lived in the South for 15 years now. I ended up making a series of tweets about this earlier in the week, which I will probably turn into a blogpost at some point.

Key point? Check out #NotInOurNames and #NotInMyName. The South Carolina shooter made statements claiming that he was protecting white women. I repudiate that reasoning. The people in Bible Study were not harming me and did not deserve to die.

For the technical community, you should also read #NSBESpeaks to hear their stories.

I want to share some of the articles from Facebook about the Battle Flag:
Also, a meme that was created to address the sexism in Science hashtags. Dawn Bazely had a Storify to keep up with the hashtags, I'll try to link it later.