Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wanted: Names of Top Women of Color in Engineering for Working List

Karen James (@kejames) has put together a working list of top women of color in biology.

Rachel McShane asked if she could do one for other STEM fields, and I volunteered to pull one together for Engineering.

Please Tweet or Leave a comment to add a name to any of these lists (or add a category, if I missed a discipline). Self-nominations welcome.

If you wish to be identified as a Woman of Color, please also let me know that.  Since the original list was intended to recognize women of color, I want to honor that intent in an appropriate and respectful way.

Top Women in Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineers
    • Nicole Chase, on Twitter @SpaceAgNicole, (self-nominated)
  • Biomedical
    • @Prinda (nominated by Cheng Lee)
  • Chemical Engineers
    • Kim Brooks, on Twitter @kbrooksfit, (self-nominated)
  • Civil Engineers
    • Katie Bates, on Twitter @kb8s (nominated by Cheng Lee)
    • Hannah Farrant, on twitter @hannahfarrant (nominated by Katie Bates)
    • Roma Agrawal, on Twitter @RomaTheEngineer (nominated by Katie Bates)
  • Computer Engineers
    • Tracy Chou (nominated by Kim Curry)
  • Electrical Engineers

  • Environmental Engineers
    • Carolyn Green (nominated by Rachel McShade)
    • @gkygirlengineer (nominated by Cheng Lee)
    • Laura Mixon, @MorganJLocke (self-nominated)
  • Industrial Engineers

  • Materials Engineers

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Software Engineers
    • Joyce @joycehoUT (nominated by Cheng Lee)
    • Renee @BecomingDataSci (nominated by Cheng Lee)
  • Systems Engineers

  • Interdisciplinary Engineers