Sunday, January 13, 2013

Setting budgets

I keep coming back to money-talk.  One of the triggers for this recent round, is the glasses I got last December.  When I get some good photos, I'll post them.

Sometimes I think my earliest memories are about my parents arguing over their finances.  Two posts ago, I wrote about needs and wants, and linked to a CNN Money article, "I'm first generation white-collar," where the writer talks about changing habits to start saving 20% in her 401k.

While I am all for paying down debt, living within one's means, and building up savings... I think the highest I set my 401k to was 12%.  Even at that, I very much felt as though my lifestyle was falling behind.  Now, that was in the 2000s, where I heard an awful lot about "leveraging"... and at least I was educated enough to avoid THAT, a second mortgage or a home equity loan.