Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Inclusion, Diversity

Hat tip to Geek Feminism for the links:

  1. Ellen Pao Speaks: ‘I Am Now Moving On’ Ellen Pao writes about the bad in Diversity & Inclusion today, including:
    1. issues with legal assumptions about discrimination, that do not reflect today's implicit biases
    2. the financial costs of being a plaintiff, and the severe inequality of resources for a case like hers
    3. Quote: "I have a request for all companies: Please don’t try to silence employees who raise discrimination and harassment concerns. Instead allow balanced and complete perspectives to come out publicly so we can all learn and improve."
  2. Insurance and Feelings a Slack employee writes about a company that is successfully including everybody.
    1. "even in the rough bits, I still feel like I’m ok to be myself. I still feel like I’m part of the team. I still don’t feel like I’m different. I still feel like I belong."
    2. "One [catchphrase]though, is pretty demonstrative of what I think makes Slack feel good to me: “We’re all in this together.”"