Friday, September 18, 2015

I Stand with Ahmed - the Economic Importance of STEM Education

I saw another article that included quotes from Dr. Lee (@dnlee5). I can't find the link to share, but I *think* I'm seeing a trend in more "ask the people most affected" reporting. If so, I think that's a good thing.

Content Warning: WWII and 9/11 for the next paragraph.

This week in history: Nuremberg Laws Imposed.
I've commented on Facebook... some of my Conservative friends have been extremely pro-Israel, and have mentioned fears of a second Holocaust. While I am also concerned about antisemitism... the Islamophobia I have seen in the United States since 9/11/2001 has me more concerned about seeing Americans do that sort of thing to Muslims. Never again means NEVER again, not "second verse, minor variation."


Regarding #IStandwithAhmed, I am pleased to see much of the Technology & Engineering industry speak up for this youth. I'm particularly glad to see so many white men support this young man, men who might ordinarily argue that sexism and racism no longer exist. I hope that this might further their journey to "get woke."

Here is some of the research on the importance of STEM (STEAM) education for the United States in general.

Fair warning, these reports aren't focused on diversity, under-represented minorities, or inclusion. I'm pretty sure there's imperialism and colonization language in the reports, and they assume that economic growth can continue indefinitely. We know that we will have to address the environmental costs in order for that to happen. Still, this impacts both corporate and government responses:

Some researchers think that attracting, retaining, advancing and promoting Under-Represented Minorities in these STEM fields could nearly eliminate this expected shortfall.