Friday, September 14, 2012

Follow Friday: Personal Branding Blog

Here's another post in my Follow Friday series.  This time, I discuss the Personal Branding Blog.

I believe I first found this blog through a "10 sites to help your career"-type article in a mainstream news site. This is another site to which I've kept an RSS feed for years, sometimes reading it and sometimes not.

One of the reasons I recommend this site, is to understand how to make social networking work for you.  When I first started blogging, I did so anonymously / pseudonymously.  As I learned more about personal branding, I started Googling my own name.  There are a lot of people who share my name, and some of the information I found about other people was quite unflattering.

For me, using my name became a matter of self-defense.  I can't affect what other people out there do, but I could begin demonstrating who I am and what I stand for.  That's the essence of a personal brand, in a nutshell.

One post that I found so valuable, I shared it, was the Ten Commandments of Twitter.  As the author concludes, these 10 "commandments" are not written in stone.  They're actually more guidelines, and he is open to feedback.  I like them, because I think they help to codify the way I try to treat people online.

Another recent post that I found challenging is Why Do You Brand Yourself As A Desperate Candidate?
The argument argues that the market changed radically in 2007, so that some of the age-old job search advice is no longer appropriate.  Read the article to understand better.