Friday, April 6, 2012

Time keeps on slipping

[EDIT: Updated on 4/8/12 to add photos, captions, and fix spelling mistakes]
I feel like the days are getting away from me.

The budget drive continues, I still have more work to do for that.  Last week was DS' spring break, so we took some time to visit family.  Mostly, we visited with DH's family, but I did make a side trip to have steamed milk and Chai with my little brother (DB3) and his wife at The Runcible Spoon in Bloomimgton.  He's a sophomore at IU, and I worry for them.

I mentioned that my husband Brian is from Indianapolis.  The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is world-class, one of the best museums ever.  I can remember one or two visits when I was younger.  My "baby" brothers and cousins went more often, growing up closer.  DS has been before, but it has been more than a year, and at his age kids still forget.

So the first thing we saw, was a delight to Mommy.  The full-size model of Bumblebee from Transformers.
DS had fun at the Mr. Potato Head exhibit, and playing with dinosaurs.


We also took some time to see Brian's schools.  Elementary, Middle School, and High school.  He got to see St. Mary's and Mercy when we were in Omaha for my ten-year reunion, so I figured it was time to rerurn the favor.

I mentioned that my grandparents graduated from Oaklandon High School.  My great-grandmother's farm was apparently off of German Church Road.  Grandpa is from a German Catholic family.
Well, you take German Church Road south from where my grandparents grew up, and the next township is Warren.  And that's where Brian grew up.

Warren Township only has one public high school, Warren Central.  When Brian was in school, 9th graders were at the middle schools, so the youngest students at Warren Central were Sophomores.
(This was the main entrance when Brian was a student)

As the only public high school for the township, it is HUGE.  Brian has a photograph of his graduating class.  While the grades at my three high schools had 70, 95, and perhaps 200 students at most, he was one of 1000 graduating seniors.  That photograph is a panoramic that stretches approximately two feet across (0.5 meters).

The doors were locked, so we didn't go in.  But it got him talking a bit more about his time in band, the different wings of the school, how it's changed since he was a student.  One new addition is a natatorium, I thought that was interesting.

I took photos, but I don't quite see how to post them from my phone.  I'll have to add them later.