Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Quick Post

I wanted to start the week with something positive... I think I'm going to do some editing and post the next phase of my infertility story later in the week. Since that's pretty heavy, here's something very different.

I was reminded of a cheer that we would do in the Purdue Band, especially entering a stadium tunnel. Some deep bass voices would start: "Who, who, who are we?"
And the band would reply "We, we, we are the - B - O- I - L - E - R - S! Boilers! Boilers! We're the best!"
Repeat 3 times.

At my church in Houston, an RE director had a poster, where each line added a new twist to a question. I don't know who created it. Here it is (from memory):

Who are you?
Who are you to think?
Who are you to think that?
Who are you to think that you can change?
Who are you to think that you can change the world?