Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Time Management and Health

Last month I posted an article on Root Causes and Health, tracing health back through prenatal care, maternal health, and even grandmother's health.

There is another aspect of health, that Fortune covered this week: Is Silicon Valley bad for your health?, which highlights some disturbing trends. For one, employees feeling "too busy" at work to have time to establish a Primary Care Physician, or to take care of their regular medical maintenance (annual physical, bi-annual dental care, etc.).

Related to these, Business Insider uses this week's anniversary of the implementation of the Fair Labor Standards Act to discuss the history and present-day status of the 40-hour work-week.

Now, I've heard varying accounts for why the 40-hour workweek. Obviously (and as Business Insider shows) Labor Unions pushed for it. One account said that businesses finally allowed Labor to win because of the scientific evidence showing productivity is greatest at that rate.

Here's an interesting blog post about productivity and how we spend our time, which says that Henry Ford wanted workers to have more time to shop. This Time article corroborates Ford's reasoning.