Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Taking Time

Two weekends ago, we kicked off the 23rd Season of the Huntsville Feminist Chorus with our annual retreat at Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman, AL.

The mission of the Chorus is to open hearts and minds through song.

This begins my sixth season with these wonderful women. The songs we sing bring me strength, not only to get through my own day / week / phase, but also fuels my activism, reviewing the literature and promoting women in STEM, women in leadership, GLBT rights, intersectional representation in general.

We do many different things at the retreat. Begin learning our music for the concert season, of course. The weekend bears some resemblance to a miniature Band Camp, but not quite. It's also quieter, more reflective, with time to get to know each other and build connections.

Also, the convent has a small gift shop. The last few years, I've found a few good books that nourish my heart, mind, and soul. I may or may not write about my latest selection.

It's this, singing with the chorus, that inspired the "Social Justice Bard" portion of my Twitter bio. Songs of justice have a very long history.

Last year at the retreat, over a meal Rose Norman told some of us a bit about her article that was published last summer in a magazine called Sinister Wisdom (issue 93). She had interviewed a number of feminist activists in the South. I remember a good bit of what she said, but I would like to check my memory against the article, when reprints become available. That history shapes our present, shapes the movement.