Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pointers to GaslightingDuo Conversation

A very short post today. I hadn't written about it on my blog yet.

Wendy Williams and Stephen Ceci are two academics, who have been writing papers together for a very long time. I did a search on Google Scholar, and found them working together in 1997.

Both October of last year and this spring, they have published papers and written news articles suggesting that academic sexism is a myth.

Karen James' Storify has the details, links to articles, links to responses, hashtags being used for the discussions, links to the previous discussions in October, etc.

There is a term used in psychology, called Gaslighting. One of my first encounters with the term was from this article, A Message to Women From a Man: You are not "Crazy".

In February, I wrote "Creating Context and Background" to provide my readers with just a taste of the history that has been occurring with feminism and the internet. It's been very clear since long before #YesAllWomen, GamerGate, or #Shirtstorm that there is a segment of the population working in opposition to diversity and inclusion.

The articles from Ceci and Williams feed that phenomenon, and have earned them the hashtag #GaslightingDuo.