Thursday, April 23, 2015

Authenticity and space history

Yesterday, I saw an article on LinkedIn, about the strangest interview question they had ever heard. The interviewer actually asked her, "How do I know you're not lying?"

Is that, actually, a thing people do? Lie, in a job interview? It doesn't seem like the route to a good career.

But I have to admit, when I was a Freshman looking for cooperative education opportunities, it felt like I had to prove why I went into Electrical Engineering, if I really was interested in Aerospace? For that matter, why Engineering and not, say, Astrophysics?

I've discussed my reasons in the past (I'll add trackback links later.)

With time on my hands, I've been reading and reflecting. That's also meant looking through old scrapbooks. In an era of "pics of it didn't happen," here's a handful of photos:

Omaha World Herald. Thursday, August 24, 1989. "All Systems Go for Neptune Flyby."

Omaha World Herald. Tuesday, August 17, 1989. "Total Lunar Eclipse Awes Omaha Moon Watchers."

Scholastic News Ranger. Vol 46. No 18. May 1990. Week 1. "A Telescope in Space."

Omaha World Herald. December 2, 1991. "Shuttle to Carry Creepy Cargo."

Omaha World Herald. September 29, 1991. "The Modern Astronaut: Yesterday's Daredevil Is Today's Scientist."

Omaha World Herald. September 29, 1991. "Space Is No Place for Stereotypes."

South Bend Tribune. December 8, 1993. "Little town shines with shuttle flight."