Thursday, March 12, 2015

Me Day

I think the economic systems post is going on indefinite hold.

Anyway. Grief comes in its own time and place. It has no schedule, it just is. And when you live hundreds of miles away from the other people who knew the person... mourning is different. It's easy to stay in denial.

Jenny's mom shared this on Facebook yesterday:

"Sold-out show" indeed. They had streaming video to her Austin church, and to the RE Chapel where additional mourners gathered. I should have brought tissues, thank goodness the person next to me did.

I don't want to give my Houston community false hope. But I've known since the funeral that I need to get back there someday, somehow. I want my son to know Houston something like I do.

Here were Jenny's Vimeo videos:

I started my own film project this week, looking into ways to teach hands-on engineering, online. The demo is unlisted on YouTube now, I've asked friends for feedback. I'm working on a second cut based on the feedback I've already received.

For casual readers who didn't know: