Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Last time I promised to write a bit about the principles and guidelines that I keep in my compass.  Here are some of them:

  1. The Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Law.
    • I participated in the Girl Scouts for 9 years, and I still find their mission in alignment with my own.  The Society of Women Engineers partners with the Girl Scouts on many events, and I try to support that partnership however I can.
  2. The Obligation of the Order of the Engineer
    • The American Order of the Engineer was approximately modeled on the Canadian Iron Ring ceremony, which contains an oath authored by Rudyard Kipling. [link]
    • The story I was told, was that there was a bridge in Canada that failed, killing people.  The Iron Ring ceremony was developed to remind engineers that their designs affect human lives and well-being.
    • I wear my ring to remind myself of the importance of excellence when I sign work.
  3. The UUA Seven Principles
    • While I am not currently a member of a UU congregation, the principles are still near and dear to my heart.
  4. The pledges and creeds of my martial art:
  5. Thunderbird's Professional Oath of Honor
    • As a distance learner, I did not travel to campus and was not given this oath in ceremony.  Nevertheless, as a Thunderbird Alum, I do wish to live up to it.
    • I just clicked-through to The Oath Project.  I might sign up for that, I need to read it through further and think about it before I do.
It's a lot.  I would like to boil it all down to a few words, a few values that state who I am, but that's going to take me time, reflection, patience.