Sunday, April 14, 2013

A month, really?

Has it been that long since I posted?  It's been an incredibly busy month.  On the rare occasions last month that I got to tuck my son in to bed, I told him that March was probably going to be my worst month for a while, but April would be better and May even better.

My concert was last weekend, and went very well.  While I love the chorus, practicing & performing the music, it is a large commitment.  It's nice to have finished this season and have a bit of a break.

The Annual Budget Drive celebrated our results today.  We are still hoping to hear from several more people, but the end is in sight.

My spring short class starts its final week tomorrow, it will be nice to wrap that up.

Still a busy week, though.  My engineering class has homework 3 due in the morning, and Midterm 3 on Friday.  Then all that will be left (besides continuing to watch lectures & read the textbook) will be a final exam in May.  I got my presentation done a week or so ago, and have my grade back from that.

Of course, my summer short class will start before my long class is over, so I won't have a break from school until June.  Still, my schedule is lightening up, and that helps.

Lots of other things going on.  This week, I found myself grateful for all the reading and I had done about bullying two years ago, trying to understand what was happening with my son.  Well, I also learned more about myself in that process.

As the schedule lightens up, I'll try to get more of a weekly schedule going here.  Monday Music, Technology Tuesday, Follow Friday.  Maybe even a Wordless Wednesday here & there.  One of my friends has been holding Discussion Wednesday on his Facebook page, and I may re-post some of my comments to this page.