Monday, April 30, 2012


My mom always loved to watch Figure Skating competitions on TV.  It seems strange, because I've only ever worn ice skates twice in my life, both the same winter.  I guess Mom loved the artistry, the music and the motions.

I don't even remember how many figure skating competitions we watched when I was growing up.  I knew a lot of the skaters's names.

So, we had moved back to Indiana while I was in high school.  I'm not sure exactly which year it was, anymore, whether it was my junior year or senior, but I'm beginning to think it was my Senior year.

Some of my friends at my first high school were fans of Phantom of the Opera (POTO).  Anything romantic, actually. I had first heard of POTO in a Science Fiction magazine I had bought for Star Trek posters, didn't know what it was exactly.

Then I saw Brian Boitano, perform something like this:

and then when I found the soundtrack for sale, I bought it.

Music of the Night.  It seems to capture everything I remember of evenings in Omaha, climbing up the hill to the Field, to say goodnight to the stars.  Keeping in mind that my "favorite songs" list, just the Vocal ones (not the instrumentals), is about 600 songs long... Music of the Night is absolutely one of my FAVORITE songs around.

"The Field"

The GleeWiki says that Kurt'll be singing "Music of the Night" for his audition on Tuesday's episode.  I'm already in love with Chris Colfer's voice, so I hope he does it proud.

Sorry this is off-topic.  I worked in the garden while the sun was shining, and I've been typing up a fanfiction story.  I guess I'll have to finish that and start Wednesday's post on Monday night.  G'night!