Friday, February 24, 2012

Meeting my first astronaut

The very last weekend before I started college, an astronaut made an appearance at one of the malls in town.  The way I remember it, I was able to attend because it turned out I was not needed to work on Sunday.  I brought three of my brothers along.  Kawphy (almost 14), Sguth (12), and we had to bring our youngest brother (20 months).

We arrived at the mall in time.  I found where the appearance would be.  The adolescent brothers ran off, I could see them on the 2nd floor balcony while the astronaut talked.  I've heard many astronauts speak since then.  The main quote I remember was about getting into a rocket built by the lowest bidder.

They were still upstairs when I got in line with my baby brother to get autographed photos.  I'm sure it looked bad, 18-year-old girl with toddler in arms.  But we got two autographed pictures, my brother's was even personalized.

It was so short, there wasn't a lot of time to talk.  Besides having my fussy baby brother, I mumbled something about being a "space case," which probably didn't come across the way I meant it.  I met up with my other two brothers, we shopped a little, and then when nearly everyone had cleared out, the four of us went back downstairs where the astronaut was heading out.

It was... different.  I don't know what I expected.  I learned a lot.