Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Multiple worlds - Electricity

One of my friends from Houston earned his M.S. in Future Studies while I was doing my M.A. One of the points he regularly made was that the future is multiple. One of the ways that the future is multiple, is that old, traditional, ways of life tend to continue along with the new.

Sometimes this "multiple futures" happens because of geography. It takes time for railways, power lines, highways, or internet cables to be strung from one place to another.

I've been thinking about that, during and since my tornado evacuation. Thinking about how dependent I've become on having electricity and running water, when I know that there are people here in the United States, who to this day continue to live without either. Being able to leave the situation, being able to evacuate, was an indication of privilege.

In light of those thoughts, I want to share this article about sustainable electricity for the energy poor.